Reenchanting your brand… if you so wish!

By revealing the uniqueness of your brand, L’Hirondelle brings a new boost to your image while it reinforces its customers’ loyalty.


  • Audit and exploratory research
  • Brand platform and Brand Romance
  • Storytelling
  • Brand content strategy
  • Content architecture

Overall projects

  • Creative concept
  • Editorial management and Brand communication
  • Editorial chart and visual identity
  • Content writing and brand content
  • Production and animation of communication media

Hirondelle Who is l'Hirondelle?

My job requires individual meticulous responses to challenging requests.
Demonstrating creative courage, agility and persistency is essential.

Anne-Sophie Tournier, fondatrice et présidente de l'agence L'HIRONDELLE Anne-Sophie Tournier, fondatrice et présidente de l'agence L'HIRONDELLE
  • Who are you?

    Text and images in terms of meaning have always been fundamental to me. Therefore, after graduating in literature studies, I naturally felt attracted to publishing. More...
    As an editorial director, Hachette and most of all Editions Atlas proved crucial experiences which increased my creative imagination within a multimedia approach: hard cover books, boxes, audiobooks, websites, tutorials, apps, blogs… which I particularly love transmitting to Celsa and Sciences-Po Rennes.
  • Why would you choose art of living?

    This extensive experience working for Editions Atlas made me want to express this expertise in art of living, in a way that it relates to emotions and wonderful stories to set while increasing the value of a product or a brand… More...
    In this context, as a former editorial director, this is a genuine specificity: structured and targeted content, impacts of media messages, multisensory eye. My main strength is also the ability to delve deep in a variety of sectors as to “read”, exploit and suggest a design that is perfectly suited to the brand’s values and fundamentals.
  • What is your philosophy??

    I am curious, passionate and fully dedicated to the projects and missions assigned! For each contract, as the project ‘s conductor, I am impelled to consider all aspects (intellectual, strategic, technical) of the mission and view the brand with a refreshing and demanding eye. More...
    Identifying the best partners, listening to clients, providing greater flexibility to adapt to change while bearing in mind the essence of the project…. I love facing new challenges, supervising teams, undertaking great creative ventures.
  • My own credo is: telling great creative stories of the brand world, while bringing out emotions. It is also about subtly building the contents and setting them into a music that makes sense in order to forge a strong and lasting bond between the brand and its clients.